Krishna Athal is a young, motivated man with great vision who is passionate about making change a reality and backing the youth of the world to do just that. Athal is a youth leader, former chairman of the National Youth Council of Mauritius and currently the Founder / Executive Director of YUVA, one of the most active youth-led NGOs of Africa. Athal’s political leadership book “Ramrajya: An Enigmatic Leader’s Rise to Power” has been a bestselling in Mauritius. No stone gets left unturned with him pushing to achieve a new generation of thinkers among millennials both in Mauritius as well as across the world. A recipient of national and international awards, he rarely conforms to the norms, and society averages in his constant strive for a higher standard. Athal, as a changemaker, wishes to leave in his wake inspiration, challenges and most of all change. Despite all the above, he is only a human being and can be totally unwise, silly and unpredictable sometimes.