Why I Would Vote For L’Alliance Lepep

We can no longer accept things the way they are, it’s time to force the winds of change to blow. As for me? I vote L’Alliance Lepep!

We come from an era where political associations and agendas rank high on the list of accomplishments. Let’s face it. If you are not with the in crowd, don’t bother trying to get anything done. In fact, for the last 10 years, promises, some of which have been kept at a bare minimum while others nowhere near followed through, have been a plenty. But we cannot rely on promises any more.

Election mantras like change is now and the time for change is needed, are the order of the day and simply because this is what we need in order for Mauritius and its people to prosper. While the ruling party and its plus one alliance speak of a modern society, they fail to understand that modern rule requires modern thinking. People are tired of this claim to absolute power by the current leader of this country and quite frankly a change in leadership is well overdue. The same could be said for the preverbal sidekick who, for the longest of times, spoke militant, breathed militant, lived militant, all to simply jump ship when a brighter day seemed to be just around the next bend. Some would say this combination both reeks of desperation and an insatiable thirst for power but nothing of this union convinces me that government policy will be for the people and maintained by the people.

The idea itself of a second republic hints at chronic instability. Why is this of benefit to the people of Mauritius? Or is this some kind of masquerade at clutching to a higher, more powerful form of rule? Step one of any ruling party should be that the country’s people are the priority. Gone are the days of political favouritism and scratching the backs of friends and family.

It is time to get rid of the disparity that exists between the rich and poor. My vote goes towards someone who can see that the rich do not in fact need to get richer, but to a government that can work towards removing this gap to a point where it no longer exists.

Why shouldn’t we support a government who looks to the youth of our nation to fill public sector jobs? We encourage them to educate themselves and should just as much, if not even more, encourage them to remain in their country and fill the positions that matter. Allow them to get involved in the country, fulfilling their civic duty and keeping the public sector fresh, innovative and modern.

What kind of citizens would we be to not encourage a zero tolerance attitude for criminality, drug trafficking and corruption? The implementation of independent commissions that will keep our security forces in check and accountable to the people of this country is by far needed and will only benefit the country. Speaking of security forces, equal opportunity for all applications pertaining to emergency and defence forces is a priority. Why not open this sector up to anyone and all who wishes to serve their country and keep it safe?

The way forward needs to include ridding our society of greed, favouritism, corruption and thug-like mentalities that only hinder the progress and incite fear in the citizens who do not fall into the category of people who are untouchable. Instead let’s focus on supporting a government who are prepared to improve our economy even more, to encourage a more favourable investment environment as they once did before.

Is it not wise to support a government who are prepared to uphold transparency and accountability by setting up a code of conduct of which all its members are held to account for their actions and a sense of order is provided for with a structured setup?

It is high time that our public television and radio behave exactly like that: public. Let’s discourage government mouthpieces and instead support a political force that aims to bring such a body to its full functioning capacity. This includes supporting the implementation of private television that will see a greater availability of access to information for its citizens. A government to vote for is a government that respects its people as well as their needs. Gone are the days that freedom of opinion is merely an illusion.

A better tomorrow is ensuring that the island is taken care of in all aspects including being able to provide natural resources like water to its people. By supporting innovative plans and more infrastructures shows that by taking care of nature, the government will in fact be able to take care of its people.

And lastly, but far from least, let’s look at levelling the playing field in all sectors. The days of undervaluing women by underpaying them and failing to recognise their true worth are long gone especially when we see the principle of equal work for equal pay backed by this political force. A stronger work force is one that is valued, both men and women.

Forward is the order of the day and it is up to us as the citizens to empower the right leaders to allow them the opportunity to change the fate of the country. Though I agree wholeheartedly that our country needs modernising and of course unity, the only way I see it being achieved is by the total cooperation of its people and by leadership who are willing to put their citizens first always. We cannot tolerate hypocrisy, inequality and a government only willing to better the lives of its inner circle while the country struggles to barely even keep afloat.

So Mauritius, the power is in your hands. Do with it as you wish but be wise and think carefully how you wish to see the next five years pan out. We can no longer accept things the way they are, it’s time to force the winds of change to blow.

As for me? I vote L’Alliance Lepep!


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