Prayers Are Important But Nepal Needs More

Please donate to the Nepal earthquake relief effort.
Please donate to the Nepal earthquake relief effort.

It’s good to see the Government of Mauritius, media and public all treating the Nepal earthquake with as much seriousness as if it were a domestic tragedy.

7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal with devastating force Saturday, killing thousands of people. Many more are unaccounted for as the search for survivors continues. Google has launched a People Finder tool to help victims touch base with friends and loved ones. It allows users to look for victims or post information about people, and it also works by text messaging.

Thousands of Mauritians have been seen posting solidarity pictures and texts on their social media profiles. But at some point, I believe, Nepal right now needs more than that.

Nearly 1 million children require urgent humanitarian assistance after Nepal earthquake. This is the worst earthquake in Nepal in the last 81 years. There have been reports of dwindling supplies of water and food, power outages, and downed communication networks. Hundreds of thousands of people spent the night sleeping in open areas, out of fear of more tremors. Heavy rain is now also reported which can further worsen the conditions. This crisis leaves children particularly vulnerable – limited access to safe water and sanitation will put children at great risk from waterborne diseases, while some children may have become separated from their families.

As the rescue and recovery efforts get underway, many charities and NGOs are sending teams, essential aid and medical assistance. YUVA has not treated this tragedy unnoticed.

YUVA has launched a disaster response with emergency assistance during this difficult time. We need your generous gift to support our efforts. Your support will help us protect vulnerable children and provide desperately needed relief to families.

10% percent of your contribution will be used to help us prepare for the next emergency. Nobody knows when the next crisis will strike, but your support helps YUVA provide assistance in the critical first hours and days of an emergency when children need us most.

The survivors of the Nepal earthquake need disaster relief and emergency aid. Please donate to the Nepal earthquake relief effort. To donate, click here.

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