Letter: Request for an Additional Bus Stop at Petit Raffray

Preview of letter.

6th May, 2015

The Chairman
District Council
Rivière Du Rempart

Cc: Chief Executive of District Council, Rivière Du Rempart
Minister of Public Infrastructure & Land Transport
Road Development Authority


Respected Sir,

It is with the deepest concerns for villagers of Petit Raffray that I write to you this letter. YUVA has been approached to bring to your attention the difficulties that people who are travelling by bus from Petit Raffray to Goodlands are facing.

There is one bus stop in front of Senlove Spare Parts (Bundhoo family, near Village Council) and the next bus stop is found far away, opposite to Bubbles Restaurant; which makes a minimum distance of 600 metres between these two bus stops. As such, not only villagers living on the royal road but also those living in those marginal roads are complaining for the walking distance to reach the bus stops.

YUVA solicits your support to solve this problem. We therefore request you to do a site visit, identify a location between these two extreme-distanced bus stops, and ultimately implement a new one as soon as possible.



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