The Making of Ramrajya Book Cover

“The goal of the project was to make a whole visual presentation of the book cover from beginning to end, and to play around the title. I was thinking some simple yet sophisticated innovation for this – with an interesting background and visual representation derived from the core of the subject.” – Bhanu Pratap Singh, Director of Graphic Design of Ramrajya: An Enigmatic Leader’s Rise to Power


One thought on “The Making of Ramrajya Book Cover

  1. Bhanu Pratap Singh did a great job and perfectly understood that sometimes, it’s necessary to put the emphasis on a book’s cover. We tend to say that we should not judge a book by its cover, but it’s not always right. At times it’s important to put the emphasis on the cover, so that through the cover you already have a first perception of what you are about to read and to discover all along the pages of a book.

    Bhanu Pratap Singh chose the red color, since it represents that “enigmatic leader””s Labor Party color, but at the same time the red color is symbol of determination, of high-esteem of oneself, self-confidence, and it’s even said that it’s also a symbol of aggressiveness. The way Bhanu worked on Navin’s picture too shows us a glimpse of that personage’s character, which perfectly matches with the subtitle of the book, where Krishna Athal describes the main character as an “enigmatic” leader, someone mysterious, not always easy to understand or to know perfectly. The facial expressions on the face also show pride and continuous increase of greed for power, in front of a crowd in effervescence, symbolized by those shadowy characters rising their hands and posters to acclaim the leader.

    However, there are two details on the cover which I noticed, and which I don’t really understand:
    – On Navin’s picture, if we do a big plan on it, we alphabet letters covering his whole face. What does it mean?
    – Finally, in the foreground, under the supporters, I can see either a red dark sea or some red dusty soil. Does this also have a meaning?

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