A Week Behind: Launching of La Voix Nationale

Today is Friday the 13th. Yes, this day has long been regarded as an unlucky day in Western superstition. But in exactly one week, on the 20 May 2016, will surely be a lucky one – for the Republic of Mauritius, for the citizens of the country and for all living and non-living things that exist on the Island. La Voix Nationale will see its existence cemented.

Being the national president of LVN, I am being groomed from today by the new political party’s media and communications department regarding my presentation to the members of the press next Friday at the official launching ceremony, to be held at Le Saint Georges Hotel at 9:45am.

To be honest, I’ve got a host of mixed feelings of the current situation. While courage and faith are definitely at their peak for the new venture, I realise the risk that I’m putting to my career and…life! Am I going to succeed? Or, if I fail, what will my position be in society, or better yet, among my friends and close ones?

On another bittersweet note, last Sunday, the Board of Executives accepted my application for resignation as national president of YUVA. My heart sank. Be it while submitting the resignation letter, or while accepting the acceptance of the Board. I founded YUVA and nurtured it and looked after it like a baby. A very pampered baby, I should say; where I made no compromise in its growth. YUVA office had become home. Tables replaced beds and papers, bed-sheets.

But I took the decision of putting a stop to my affiliation with YUVA regarding the fact that I’m entering active politics. And I have to – at all time – respect the ethics of the organisation and the reputation of all YUVANs. I couldn’t take YUVA and all its members as hostage in my fight to clean what we call “The Dirty Arena” of the country – politics.

Back home, the resignation announcement left my close ones dumbfounded. I think, that it was at this time they realised how serious I am about La Voix Nationale; knowing the fact I had so far given my blood, sweat and tears to YUVA.

Right now when I sit at my home-office desk and explore public opinion [about me joining politics] on social media platforms and through the bunch of emails that I’ve received, I can conclude it with one line: Previous good associates are becoming good enemies, and good enemies are becoming good associates. Another loss, or gain?

It is also on this note of resigning myself from YUVAN duty that I too shall be posting this as a final blog post. I believe that when one does something, it needs to be done with all that person’s might or not at all and for this reason I am immersing myself in the fight for the good of this country’s political wellbeing.

It’s apparent that I’m undergoing a transition phase in my public life – from a youth advocate to an active politician. And I have to face the gain-lost and good-bad scenarios throughout this transition process. But, remarkably, I’m having very positive vibes at whatever is happening in the making of La Voix Nationale, which I believe shall undoubtedly mark history in the political arena of Mauritius.

Why this good feeling though if I’m losing some of my affiliations? Because it’s worth it. For the country!


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