The Trump Victory: America’s Vire Mam – But At What Cost?

Trump will speak responsibly now. Make the naughtiest boy in class the captain, and he behaves very well.

You don’t need to convince people to believe in your visions, believe in yourself, make your dreams come true and let the doubters catch up: a strong message that US president-elect, Donald Trump, has conveyed.

On The Campaign Trail

On the road to securing an historic win, Trump promoted himself as the ultimate success story. He dated beautiful women, married three of them (including current wife and former model Melania), had his own television reality show and erected skyscrapers that bore his name in big gold letters. Everything in his life was the greatest, the hugest, the classiest, the most successful. His critics however assailed his experiences with bankruptcies, the failures of his Atlantic City, New Jersey, casinos and what they viewed as the misplaced pride he showed when presented with evidence he avoided paying taxes. (NDTV, 2016)

In speeches that were mostly unscripted, Trump often boasted about everything from his money to his IQ.

Yet, he won! I firmly believe that Trump will speak responsibly now. Make the naughtiest boy in class the captain, and he behaves very well.

Media Made Trump Win

While the majority thought, they were making fun of him through trolls and slogans, they forgot that they were actually contributing to his publicity too. Trump managed to convert trolls to his favour. Today, I stand for him to send a strong message to those sitting behind their screens and who let themselves be carried away by all sorts of trends that the media set.

Many people online [and offline] are still shouting against Trump’s victory. His supporters are being bullied, made fun of, and assaulted. But hey, if you cannot accept someone for his or her political beliefs, you have soul searching to do.

Change In Voting Trends

Today we can safely say that people do not trust anymore what the traditional media sells. Furthermore, the basic rule of the game has been reassured: the political party that listens to and speaks the language of the people, at the end of the day, wins.

Last month, I had a long conversation with some American friends who happen to be students of some prestigious US universities; the overwhelming majority of whom were Clinton supporters. I immediately concluded that Hillary is the incoming President and the saviour of America, forgetting a fundamental principle: a presidential race is not a school monitor election, so rushing to instant judgments based on small focus groups is injurious to professional health!

Vire Mam: Mauritius vs. America 

After experiencing a corrupt government of Navin Ramgoolam for 10 years, Mauritians had vire mam by electing a new government – L’Alliance Lepep – in 2014. But we all found ourselves facing a totally amateurish and substandard new government, whose political and managerial leadership [in the name of SAJ] are frail and vulnerable. Today, the Mauritian population somehow feel deceived, and they regret their decision of opting for a total change in the small island.

And ultimately the question dwells: have Americans made the correct move by vire mam? Time is a great teacher.


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