“When I first opened my eyes to this world, my parents endowed me with the legacy that they could give me; my name, my caste and my religion. This world gifted me with its inventions, discoveries and law. My country bestowed upon me residency and nationality. My school and university teachers graced upon me the gift of academic education. From my friends, I received memories to be cherished for a lifetime. From my enemies, I tolerated lessons that were accompanied by the only things that lessons are capable of bringing: learning and growth. But at the end of the day, all of these combined have allowed me to mould my identity. I personally cannot describe myself to you with these tags and labels; because I would be cheating you and implying that my identity is fixed and ascertained at the moment I am writing down these words. Self-discovery, I believe, is a lifelong and never-ending process. I haven’t yet learnt all there is to know about myself; I am still on the path of learning who and what my own self is.”