The Silent Euthanasia

PRICE: MUR 499/-

PROLOGUE: In the contemporary modern world, most people make it a must to care about their health and beauty by adopting various methods. While some (like my children) ensure the consumption of balanced diets, others (like my grandchildren) spend a fortune to keep fit in gyms. On the other hand, some opt for yoga/Zumba to have a zero-shape, and others opt for beauty parlours. When all’s said and done, each one does these to prolong the longevity of their lives.

Yet, I have had a totally different experience since I was born; but not that different to your grandparents’ because we come from the same school of thought. No balanced diet. No gym. No yoga. No beauty parlour. What I did in my whole life was ‘service’—to my late husband who died in his 40s, to my eight children, and to some extent to my grandchildren. To be honest, I didn’t find time and energy to sit and think of doing something for myself. But, keeping my husband and children happy was bringing value and light to my life.

Right now it’s one in the morning. I’m admitted at the Pamplemousses public hospital since the last twenty days. As an old lady who is suffering from a terminal illness, I am supposed to be sleeping at this time. But I have tossed and turned in bed for two hours. Whether it is the side effects of my medicines, or my regained consciousness, tonight I feel like voicing out. I have lots that I have accumulated inside me.

Tomorrow I turn 96 years old. And I’ve chosen this day to be euthanised.