Deportation of Mauritian National: The World Could Do With a Lot Less Keyboard Warriors

Who would have imagined, years ago, that our first priority before enjoying a delicious meal with someone we cherish would first need to be documented so that it could be posted on Instagram and Facebook? Who would have thought that our children would start learning what is appropriate, not at a university, so that their… Read More

Team Mauritius: “Will you still love us in the morning?”

We’ve heard about all the intensive work and renovations that venues around the Island have been undergoing since the announcement that the 10th edition of the Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIG) would be coming to Mauritius. We watched with anticipation when Krouink was introduced as the lovable mascot. We rolled our eyes when it came… Read More

Before I die, dye my hair, I want to die young: Om Puri

Few artists in Bollywood are able to pave their path to personal success and to leave behind a legacy—remarkably when you have a pockmarked face on screen. In an industry full of pretty men, if you aren’t good-looking, fair and if you have some sort of mark on your face, you are primarily fit for… Read More

Mauritius at War with Bat(man)

Over the past few weeks, authorities have declared, as vermin the Bat(man) that is in conflict with humans, particularly farmers. The Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security has launched a campaign to kill bats since 9 December, and this will last till 23 December. The Special Mobile Force (SMF) is leading the [killing] initiative on the… Read More