My New Year Message to Our Youth

Leaving 2015 behind, we are given the chance to start with a clean(er) slate this year. Now is the time for every single person deemed to be a ‘youth’ to stand up and be present in the present. The future is for the youth, yes, but more importantly the present is just as much for… Read More

MINDS Dialogue 2015: What’s the Point of Being a Youth?

Every youth has a duty to be a responsible citizen. But unfortunately, not many of them take this responsibility seriously. And that’s the downfall of the youth community. Writing this article, right now, from the conference room of MINDS Dialogue 2015 is giving me inspiration to be a bit more aggressive in my arguments and thoughts. To start with,… Read More

Grabbing a Political Career By The Horns

We live in an age where the drive for tertiary education is at an all time high yet the employment opportunities for graduates are at an all time low. We are equipping young people with education, skills, and ambition and yet when it comes time to put those valuable skills to good use – to… Read More

Survival of The Most Adaptable

Imagine a country that is so meticulously clean that its citizens roam the streets with a true sense of pride, visibly expressing their satisfaction in their nation’s ability to become and remain somewhere where they are able to walk without the chance of tripping on some rubbish along the way. In a perfect world this… Read More