Impact of Biometric Technologies on Mauritian Society

Biometric technologies have, somehow, controlled and influenced the every day life of Mauritians. Whether its adoption in personal and business transactions, security, law, enterprise or e-government, the advantages and usefulness of biometrics seem to have been decisively recognised in the Island. This article aims to discuss the impact of biometric technologies on the Mauritian society.… Read More

Do Mauritians Have A Private Life?

Almost every single day we are reminded just how little control we have left over our private lives and issues regarding our privacy. This, to a large extent, has to do with the fact that our lives have gone from being traditional reality-driven ones to digital and virtual ones thanks to the advancement of the… Read More

RETROSPECTIVE: 2014 at a Glance

The end of a year always brings with it the sentiment of something new ahead. It’s the time for most of us to take a deep breath, maybe take a timeout and come back ready to face the coming year with the full force and energy we need. It’s a time for new beginnings, fresh… Read More