Print Journalism Then and Now

The world of journalism began with the print media and stayed as such till the 20th century when radio and television saw the day. Print journalism, in simple words, is practiced in newspapers and magazines. Another form of journalism is the broadcast media that provides news over television radio and the Internet. Although print and… Read More

Impact of Biometric Technologies on Mauritian Society

Biometric technologies have, somehow, controlled and influenced the every day life of Mauritians. Whether its adoption in personal and business transactions, security, law, enterprise or e-government, the advantages and usefulness of biometrics seem to have been decisively recognised in the Island. This article aims to discuss the impact of biometric technologies on the Mauritian society.… Read More

No Blue, White and Red Tonight, I’m Heartless

If you have been on Facebook over the last few days following the tragic events in France, you will have noticed how much more blue, white and red the social network site appears to be. Apparently this is the way empathy is defined these days. And it does not take long for people to hop… Read More

Facebook: Where Frienemies Come to Meet

“Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated.” ― George Bernard Shaw Life is all about improving our situations and with that improvement comes making some adjustments. The adjustment of course is usually delivered in the form of constructive criticism or advice that either those that know us will deliver or those who may not know us… Read More