Job Vacancies: PM, DPM, VPM, PPS, MPs in Parliament

Today, one year ago, I started sharing job vacancies on my Facebook wall, which I find daily in local newspapers. But I believe there exists one field in which young people can easily find a job: the Mauritian Parliament. We live in an age where the drive for tertiary education is at an all time… Read More

Before I die, dye my hair, I want to die young: Om Puri

Few artists in Bollywood are able to pave their path to personal success and to leave behind a legacy—remarkably when you have a pockmarked face on screen. In an industry full of pretty men, if you aren’t good-looking, fair and if you have some sort of mark on your face, you are primarily fit for… Read More

Mauritius at War with Bat(man)

Over the past few weeks, authorities have declared, as vermin the Bat(man) that is in conflict with humans, particularly farmers. The Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security has launched a campaign to kill bats since 9 December, and this will last till 23 December. The Special Mobile Force (SMF) is leading the [killing] initiative on the… Read More

The Trump Victory: America’s Vire Mam – But At What Cost?

Trump will speak responsibly now. Make the naughtiest boy in class the captain, and he behaves very well. You don’t need to convince people to believe in your visions, believe in yourself, make your dreams come true and let the doubters catch up: a strong message that US president-elect, Donald Trump, has conveyed.