Blueprint for employment: Change the way we learn to change the way we live

We’ve always been told and made to understand that education is the key to our career success. Finish school, enrol in university, earn your degree, and enter the job market ready to impart your newly learned skills and knowledge. In more recent years, the model may have slightly changed and people can take different routes… Read More

Facebook: Where Frienemies Come to Meet

“Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated.” ― George Bernard Shaw Life is all about improving our situations and with that improvement comes making some adjustments. The adjustment of course is usually delivered in the form of constructive criticism or advice that either those that know us will deliver or those who may not know us… Read More

AUDIO: Radio Intervention of Krishna Athal on New Political Leadership in Mauritius

Congratulatations are in order for the people of Mauritius on the peaceful transition of power that resulted from the successful elections held and Mauritius new Prime Minister Anerood Jugnauth assumed office at the weekend. South Africa’s radio Voice of Cape’s Nishta Sookdiyal spoke to Krishna Athal about this new change. Click here to listen

INTERVIEW: Role of Public Relations Practitioners During Crisis

INTERVIEWER: In a crisis situation, media are powerful and how the press responds to a given situation has a great deal to do with how the public responds. So, what should PR practitioners do when they speak to the media during a crisis? KRISHNA ATHAL: The mantra is simple: Be Quick. Be Accurate. Be Consistent.