Domestic Violence, Its Victims and the System Failing the People

Stand in the line at the shop while you wait to pay for your items and count how many women you see. Perhaps you have four ahead of you. Out of those four, there is at least one of those who may be experiencing domestic abuse or has experienced it in her lifetime so far… Read More

AUDIO: Radio Intervention of Krishna Athal on New Political Leadership in Mauritius

Congratulatations are in order for the people of Mauritius on the peaceful transition of power that resulted from the successful elections held and Mauritius new Prime Minister Anerood Jugnauth assumed office at the weekend. South Africa’s radio Voice of Cape’s Nishta Sookdiyal spoke to Krishna Athal about this new change. Click here to listen

Required: Leadership Renewal at Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation

Out of 180 countries that appear on Reporters Without Borders World Press Freedom Index for 2014, Mauritius is ranked 70th. That is eight places behind the 2013 report and 16 places behind the 2011/2012 report. The report is a means of measuring to what extent the country experiences freedom of press that is, without government… Read More