Why We Are Converting YLA Into a Social Enterprise

As austerity measures deepen, are big businesses unwittingly contributing to social injustice? If so, who will fill the gap they are leaving? Recent political and financial events have seen businesses retrench, dig in and attempt to ride out the storm. To many, this suggests that the corporate world is being indifferent to its social responsibility.… Read More

Prayers Are Important But Nepal Needs More

It’s good to see the Government of Mauritius, media and public all treating the Nepal earthquake with as much seriousness as if it were a domestic tragedy. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal with devastating force Saturday, killing thousands of people. Many more are unaccounted for as the search for survivors continues. Google has launched a People Finder tool to help… Read More

Speech of Krishna Athal at YUVA Launching Ceremony

Ladies and Gentlemen, esteemed guests, the media and of course, my fellow youth leaders; welcome and thank you for choosing to be a part of a brand new chapter in Mauritian social awareness. More than this also, thank you for choosing to encourage our youth on their proactive course ahead. We begin this chapter of… Read More