Who will be prime minister after SAJ?

Life after SAJ… Surely it is some food for thought as to who will follow in our current prime minister’s footsteps once his tenure is completed. It must have crossed the minds of most of the nation at least once in the past year given all the subsequent arrests that have taken place since December… Read More

L’Alliance Lepep: Meeting of Executives and Activists of Petit Raffray

Young Orange (YO!), the youth wing of the Mouvement Socialiste Militant (MSM) of Petit Raffray (constituency number 6) organised a general meeting of its executives and activists yesterday afternoon at 14:00hr, Domaine Du Moulin, Petit Raffray in presence of its 3 candidates – Ashit Kumar Gungah, Sudesh Rughoobur and Sangeet Fowdar. The aim of the grand meeting… Read More

Looking For Hope in a Communal Infested Society

Mauritius: an island characterised by endless sandy beaches, azure-coloured lagoons and swelteringly appealing sunny days. In other words, the revered land of the three s’s: sun, sand and sea. To the outsider, or rather passing visitor, the island remains the iconic epitome of everything paradise. But the gorgeous sunny days tourists crave on their skin… Read More