Facebook: Where Frienemies Come to Meet

“Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated.” ― George Bernard Shaw Life is all about improving our situations and with that improvement comes making some adjustments. The adjustment of course is usually delivered in the form of constructive criticism or advice that either those that know us will deliver or those who may not know us… Read More

MAURITIUS’ GENERAL ELECTIONS 2014: The Stunning Victory and its Aftermath

The dust has officially settled and the task of pulling down election campaign materials and the step into the new government has begun. The task of fulfilling campaign promises and building towards a greater country has also officially started. It was indeed a day of momentous cheer, celebration and jubilation all around. The blue, white… Read More

Survival of The Most Adaptable

Imagine a country that is so meticulously clean that its citizens roam the streets with a true sense of pride, visibly expressing their satisfaction in their nation’s ability to become and remain somewhere where they are able to walk without the chance of tripping on some rubbish along the way. In a perfect world this… Read More