A Good Leader Believes in His Own Ability to Control Events

Notably, it should be added that a leader is also a person who holds the power to modify the course of events. According to theorists Hermann and Preston (1994), leaders who assume their responsibilities and know what would be the eventual consequences, are ‘skilful both directly and indirectly in getting what they want.’ For a… Read More

Krishna Athal Selected for International Sustainability School 2015, Nepal

PORT LOUIS, 1 JUNE 2015: Krishna Athal has been selected to represent Mauritius at the International Sustainability School (ISS) 2015 to be held from 3rd to 12th of July 2015 at Lalitpur, Nepal. The International Sustainability School revolves around 10 days experience, which is designed to give emerging leaders new skills, friends, ideas and inspiration. It is an… Read More