Rise of Interest in Chagos Case with Arrival of Amal Clooney

This case was no longer in headlines since quite a while. Things suddenly changed when this celebrity joined the ‘cause’. Which triggers me to question, is celebrity public relations still cogent in contemporary society? News items prove it, YES! The Supreme Court case of Chagos Archipelago has taken another level of attention and exposure with… Read More

SAJ and Modi: Official, If Not Natural

National Day, a day when patriotism and pride should be at an all time high among the citizens of our nation. A day when we forget who or what we are and remember only one thing: we are Mauritian. This is the general idea obviously and is why all the pomp and fervour are pushed… Read More

Speech of Krishna Athal at YUVA Launching Ceremony

Ladies and Gentlemen, esteemed guests, the media and of course, my fellow youth leaders; welcome and thank you for choosing to be a part of a brand new chapter in Mauritian social awareness. More than this also, thank you for choosing to encourage our youth on their proactive course ahead. We begin this chapter of… Read More

Impact of Social Media on Youth Olympic Games

Internet users give a lot of importance to information and types of communication on social media platforms. Basically, online fans are the disseminators of key messages among their peer groups, hence widening the reach of the sport brand, and transforming users into ambassadors and agents in the society. Social media should be, like few others,… Read More