Deportation of Mauritian National: The World Could Do With a Lot Less Keyboard Warriors

Who would have imagined, years ago, that our first priority before enjoying a delicious meal with someone we cherish would first need to be documented so that it could be posted on Instagram and Facebook? Who would have thought that our children would start learning what is appropriate, not at a university, so that their… Read More

Impact of Biometric Technologies on Mauritian Society

Biometric technologies have, somehow, controlled and influenced the every day life of Mauritians. Whether its adoption in personal and business transactions, security, law, enterprise or e-government, the advantages and usefulness of biometrics seem to have been decisively recognised in the Island. This article aims to discuss the impact of biometric technologies on the Mauritian society.… Read More

Have You Ever Sent Naked Selfies to Someone?

Ask any member of the Baby Boomer generation (those born between 1946 and 1964) what they used to do when it came to finding their significant other and you can be rest assured that it was nothing that involved any kind of naked picture exchange. In fact, the only time they were likely to have… Read More

No Blue, White and Red Tonight, I’m Heartless

If you have been on Facebook over the last few days following the tragic events in France, you will have noticed how much more blue, white and red the social network site appears to be. Apparently this is the way empathy is defined these days. And it does not take long for people to hop… Read More