Parti Malin’s One-Man Show: A Political Entertainment, Diversion, or the Making of a Sweet Forbidden Fruit?

Look at most well-known politicians and you’re bound to see some kind of reason behind their entry into politics. They were passionate about bringing change, they felt they could correct the injustice facing their fellow countrymen or they felt they could make a difference. I say ‘most’ because there are still those politicians out there… Read More

Good Governance: An Ideal Mauritian Model

In a perfect world, we would be able to exercise our intentions without fail. What we establish from collective thought and cooperation would be a simple task when converting this collective thought into collective action. However, as we are aware, intentions, no matter how honourable are never as easy to execute as they are when… Read More

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Relationship Between Reputation and Brand

This article aims at analysing the relationship between reputation and brand, at the same time evaluating the role of reputation in corporate communications. Reputation and brand have always been related to each other for a successful positioning in the market. The theory of reputation depends on public’s primary conviction and remark of the brand’s previous… Read More

STUDY: Corporate Communications of National Youth Council of Mauritius

This report attempts to evaluate the National Youth Council (NYC) of Mauritius’ corporate communications strategy. It draws on the methodology of Mintzberg and colleagues to suggest that corporate strategy needs to take into account five Ps: perspective, position, ploy, plan and ultimately, pattern. The ‘five Ps’ idea as a whole can be usefully adapted and… Read More