Essence of Leadership

1. ABSTRACT Leadership plays an essential role in any organisation because it affects the performance of members and/or employees and the organisation’s functioning. The field of leadership research has developed various theories to search for the most effective form of leadership that organisations should adopt. As such, this paper analyses key theories of leadership and… Read More

Political Revolution in Mauritius: New Blood

Around 20,000 young people marked history in Mauritius through a revolt to fight the poor education system and rising rate of unemployment. That was in May 1975. Forty-one years later, the spirit remains undying. A group of concerned citizens, under the banner of “La Voix Nationale” are embarking on a journey to bring about a… Read More

Speech of Krishna Athal at YUVA Launching Ceremony

Ladies and Gentlemen, esteemed guests, the media and of course, my fellow youth leaders; welcome and thank you for choosing to be a part of a brand new chapter in Mauritian social awareness. More than this also, thank you for choosing to encourage our youth on their proactive course ahead. We begin this chapter of… Read More

YUVA: The Beginning of a National Movement

Having been involved in social work and volunteerism since early school days, and later advocating for the Mauritian youth by holding several key positions in governmental and non-governmental organisations, I’ve been enough lucky to meet a substantial number of leaders who are already bringing positive change both to and in their localities. Recognising these leaders… Read More