Who Will Win the General Elections 2019?

Mauritians have been waiting with bated breath for the announcement of the date of the general elections as the year has progressed; so it was no surprise really that when the Prime Minister dissolved the Parliament on 6 October, the Island began to prepare for the onslaught of political campaigning. Over the months, political parties… Read More

Parti Malin’s One-Man Show: A Political Entertainment, Diversion, or the Making of a Sweet Forbidden Fruit?

Look at most well-known politicians and you’re bound to see some kind of reason behind their entry into politics. They were passionate about bringing change, they felt they could correct the injustice facing their fellow countrymen or they felt they could make a difference. I say ‘most’ because there are still those politicians out there… Read More

Why I Would Vote For L’Alliance Lepep

We come from an era where political associations and agendas rank high on the list of accomplishments. Let’s face it. If you are not with the in crowd, don’t bother trying to get anything done. In fact, for the last 10 years, promises, some of which have been kept at a bare minimum while others… Read More